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Planning to organise a treasure hunt but no idea where to start? You've come to the right place!

Now, Treasure Hunt has become one of the most popular outdoor activities in our country. You can transform your traditional event activities into an exciting Treasure Hunt Exploration.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our treasure hunt planning service:

What is the Group Size needed to have a hunt ?

We cater this event for both small and big organisations. A minimum group size of 10 cars to 50 cars (about 40 people to 200 people) is quite regular in a Treasure Hunt. However, we also have the expertise to organize for more than 400 cars in a single event.

How to get your Staffs to participate…

Here in Malaysian Hunt Club, we do the pre-event, event and post-event preparations. We will be able to provide most of the publicity materials like event posters, entry forms, registration forms and also event promotion and introductory talk with no additional cost. We also design and print car number stickers, features that are normally included in the hunt package.

What is the normal Treasure Hunt Agenda like?

You can have one day event around Klang Valley or go to other interesting places like Kuala Selangor, Genting, Port Dickson which all starts in the morning and ends with high-tea or dinner session at the final destination. Alternatively you can also have two days one night event at popular resort destinations. Normally, we will conduct a briefing session one or two days before the hunt to get the participants to familiarize themselves with reading the tulips (hunt routes), sample questions and how to answer treasure questions.

How many participants in one car?

There should be a minimum of two (2) participants (Driver and Navigator) and a maximum of 4 participants in one participating car.

What happens during a Treasure Hunt?

Every team will be given hunt routes called ‘tulips’ and few sets of road questions and treasure questions before they flag off. The participants are requested to solve the puzzles where the answers will be based on permanent signboard along the marked locations in the tulips. Sometimes, we can also create fun and interesting activities along the way to add on to the challenge. The participants also need to look for treasure items (in the form of questions) and bring back the requested items.

Treasure Hunt will be a great way to discover new places, to challenge mind, improve time management, team building and most of all, let everyone have fun all the way. During the dinner or high-tea, we will conduct answer presentation, which will be the highlight of the event. There will be a LCD presentation including candid shots of the entire event, answer justification and prize presentation. To add more fun to this event, we can also conduct stage games with prizes before the main highlight.

What is the cost to organize a Hunt?

Malaysian Hunt Club is the end supplier for Treasure Hunts in Malaysia, and since you will be dealing directly with us, you can expect the best direct rates from us. Normally the cost varies based on the number of participating cars, hunt destinations, and the mechanics of the event. You will be surprised at how much money you can save by dealing directly with Malaysian Hunt Club.

Send us your enquiry or call us for a non-obligatory discussion or quote.


  1. Complete route plotting for any destination in Malaysia.
  2. Preparation of tulips/ routers for all participating cars.
  3. Preparations of hunt questions and treasure Questions in accordance to the company's theme or request.
  4. Obtaining licenses and authorizations from Road Safety Council, Road Transport Department and Police.
  5. Arrangement for Public Liability Insurance cover.
  6. Complete training and briefing of hunt procedures for participants. (Including beginner's know-how kit for first timer)
  7. Organize flag-off ceremony, which includes re-arrangement of cars and coordinating all participants.
  8. Provide Hunt Marshalls throughout the event or Hunt Organizing Team for the event day.
  9. Provide sweep cars to guide participating cars from de-routing and security checks.
  10. Preparations of LCD presentation and questions.
  11. Answer presentation including LCD show and justification of answers.
  12. Artwork and Design for Banners and Entry forms.
  13. Arrangement for event T-shirts, caps and other apparels.
  14. Arrangement of Treasure Hunt stickers for the event.
  15. Organizing Theme Dinner and prize giving ceremony.
  16. Hotel and F&B arrangements.
  17. Entertainment packages.
  18. Pyrotechnics and special effect display.
  19. Venue bookings and logistic arrangement.
  20. Street Bunting and Banner Licensing complete with set up arrangement.
  21. Government Ministerial Endorsement and Support.
  22. Public event permit from Polis DiRaja Malaysia.
  23. Traffic Control Arrangement and Police Outrider Escorts From Police DiRaja Malaysia Cawangan Trafik.

Malaysian Hunt Club

Malaysian Hunt Club is a professional treasure hunt and team race organiser in Malaysia. We organise hunt activities such as Fun Motor Hunt, Walk A Hunt, Mall Hunt, Cycle Hunt, Team Building Hunt and Amazing Race. Our hunts are all sanctioned by the Malaysia Road Safety Department.

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